5 Reasons We Are Proud to be Vegan Society Registered - And Why This Benefits You!

5 Reasons We Are Proud to be Vegan Society Registered - And Why This Benefits You!

When it comes to bringing products into our home, most of us like to think we are choosing items that keep our families free from harm. We typically pay close attention to food labels, conscious that what we we eat can have a significant effect on wellbeing. But what about the other items in our weekly shopping basket?

Cleaning products are a significant element on any consumer’s buying list. Whether you use multiple products or prefer to keep it simple, throughout the year we are all bringing disinfectants into our homes. It’s crucial that we are able to be aware of the true impact of these products on ourselves and the planet.

Here’s what you need to know about choosing Vegan Society registered cleaning products:

1. Support for the consumer. The Vegan Trademark has been helping shoppers to make responsible choices since it’s groundbreaking conception in 1990. It is a world renowned seal of approval for item quality and eco-consciousness. For buyers, this is both encouraging and incredibly reassuring.

2. Easier and more efficient shopping. Parents should be able to easily choose products for their children that won’t harm either them or the environment. When you spot the famous trademarked logo image, you can feel safe in the knowledge that experts have done the hard work to ensure each ingredient is universally harm-free.

3. Sense of community. Over 47,00 products worldwide (and counting) are registered with the Vegan Trademark. This has created a global community of eco-conscious individuals who are on an inspiring shared mission. In fact, vegans and vegetarians in 79 countries currently use the trademark for ‘basket safe’ approval.

4. Setting the right example. Having products in your home that proudly bear the Vegan Society trademark will become a symbol of positivity for your family. Point out the logo image on each product to your children in store to help them become the conscientious eco warriors of our future.

5. The ‘feel good’ factor. Achieving registration with the Vegan Society is one made with intentions of positive change-making. When you see the Vegan trademark, you can be sure that the company that created it has similar ethical values to you. That’s one less thing to worry about!


At Opal Eco, we are incredibly proud to join an international family of producers who are creating animal and earth friendly products for shoppers. Our company was founded on a belief in better, and we commit to stand by these values as we progress into the future. Registering our products with the Vegan Society is just one of the ways we are taking positive collective action.

The world is a rapidly changing place right now, both ecologically and politically. If you have been feeling overwhelmed in recent years then you certainly aren’t alone. Choosing products for your home that have been Vegan Society registered is just one of the ways you can boost your sense of empowerment, knowing you’re making a great choice for yourself, your family and the Earth.