The importance of disinfecting areas in response to Covid 19

The importance of disinfecting areas in response to Covid 19

The COVID-19 pandemic took the world by storm and it changed our lives in ways we would not imagine beforehand. Since the pandemic itself is transmitted via respiratory droplets and close physical contact, it spreads very fast and the virus can reach other people within minutes. Add to that the fact that infected people can spread the virus even further without knowing they are infected, and you can understand why it’s extremely important to get rid of the virus adequately. That’s where the need for proper disinfecting areas comes into play.


Why is disinfection important?

In the US alone, the sales of cleaning wipes and disinfectants grew immensely since the pandemic has started. When compared to 2019, the Washington sales for cleaning wipes went up to 751% and disinfectant sales grew with 1322%. A similar situation happened in Florida, Illinois and California, so it’s easy to see that the need for disinfection became pivotal within the past 6 months.

Disinfecting areas makes it safe for everyone within that location. It keeps them safe, knowing that all bacteria is removed and they don’t have to worry about getting infected or spreading the infection to other people. Disinfecting helps lower the microbial load on floors. On top of that, there’s not a lot of environmental impact. Yet it will help people stay safe and away from any possible issues that can arise.


Do we really need disinfecting areas?

As people try to get back to work within a closed environment, it’s imperative to have disinfecting areas in every institution. You can easily see why, with the right disinfectant we will be able to eliminate any signs of bacteria. So even if someone just acquired the COVID-19 virus from outside the office, they can wash their hands and disinfect to prevent the bacteria from entering their system. It’s a very important thing to focus on, and it will help keep you safe and away from any issues that can possibly arise.

Since environmental surfaces like furniture, walls, chairs, light switches and anything touchable can be easily contaminated, it’s pivotal to have the right disinfecting areas. Not only will they keep everyone safe, but it also makes it easier for everyone to work properly without worrying about being infected in any way. It’s imperative to have a disinfecting area with hand sanitizer, cleaning solutions and also a facemask for every employee.



The COVID-19 pandemic brought plenty of challenges for businesses, but it also shows that having a proper disinfecting area can indeed make a huge difference. You never really know who has the virus, so it’s important to have the best disinfecting solutions on-hand. The creation of a dedicated disinfecting area is extremely important right now, since it prevents any possible problems, and it also encourages human connection. This is crucial at this point in time, since teams have to work together to complete tasks and push their companies forward despite any medical challenges!