Why Do We Need Antibacterial Disinfectant Spray at Home?

Why Do We Need Antibacterial Disinfectant Spray at Home?
Given the current scenario of covid-19, you need to be extra careful to disinfect your home from time to time to keep it safe from any harmful bacteria or virus. Whether it be a package delivered to your doorstep or your house interiors, you need to disinfect them properly. But keep in mind to use a good quality antibacterial spray as it is the only way you can guarantee to get rid of the harmful bacteria and other disease-causing germs from your home. If you are still not sure having a disinfect at home is essential, then here are the top reasons you need to keep a disinfectant spray bottle at home and use it from time to time to keep yourself and your family safe.

 Top Uses of Antibacterial Spray at Home

An antibacterial spray can do wonders for you when used rightly. But it is essential to use a good quality spray to achieve optimum results. Here check out the top 7 ways to use an antibacterial disinfectant spray to keep the indoor environment free from harmful bacteria or viruses.

    1. The Bathroom

      Homeowners generally put a can of air freshener in the bathroom to keep away the odour. However, it does not help much. The bathroom at home is among the top places where harmful bacteria and viruses accumulate. So, you must keep the bathroom thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. You can perform the disinfecting job easily using a spray sanitiser. Spraying the entire area with a good antibacterial spray will help fight mould and mildew growth, ensuring you have good air quality at home. You can use the spray on common bathroom areas like toilet handles or other commonly touched things on an everyday basis. 

        2. Sofa Pillows and Armchairs

          Undoubtedly, calling professionals for deep furniture cleaning is essential to eliminate any possible dirt or bacteria accumulating inside. But after some time with all those dirty outside clothes, socks and hands on the couch daily, there is a chance of spreading the virus. Thus, it makes complete sense to use a good quality disinfectant spray to attack the presence of any evil bacteria at least once a week to keep the fabrics as fresh as possible. Further, as the disinfectant spray is available in various fragrance, you can buy the one as per your liking to give your living room a fresh feel.

          3. Door Handles and Light Switches

          These two surfaces are highly touched areas at home. But unfortunately, homeowners forget to clean it. This is where an antibacterial spray can come in handy. Just spray all the light switches, and door handles at home once a week to keep them all germ-free. This will help prevent any allergies, especially cold and flu.

            4. Phone Remote, Controls and Other Electronics

              The electronic devices at home are yet another item one never thinks of disinfecting. Remember, when you are out, you keep your phone at tables that might not be cleaned. Therefore, the phone surfaces are prone to germs. So it is essential to disinfect them properly from time to time. Cover your smartphone speakers and outlet plugs before spraying a disinfectant spray, then give it a good wipe using a paper towel for the shiny finish.

                5. Kitchen Counters

                  It is a known fact that spray sanitisers disinfect well, but in addition to this, they are also good for killing food bacteria like E Coli and Salmonella. Suppose you want to protect your cooking surface from bacteria. In that case, it is advisable to spray the entire surface using a quality antibacterial spray before starting your food preparation. But keep in mind to follow it up with a water run, and you will be prepared for the next time you want to cook.

                    6. Children's Toys

                      When talking about dirt and bacteria, everyone knows how harmful it can be for small children. Despite this, the parents forget to clean their children toys timely to keep them safe from any possible bacteria or germ buildup. As children, during their early ages, put anything in the mouth, including their toys which might have harmful bacteria accumulating on them, you must take care of their toys. Just disinfect all your kid's toys once a week with a spray sanitiser and rinse them under cold water. With this, you can be assured that your kid wouldn't face any health issues.

                        7. Delivery Packages

                          The delivery packages reach our home after being handled by various persons and transportation modes to get the harmful germs and bacteria that can greatly impact your health. During the covid, it is essential to be extra cautious about the packages as they might bring in the virus with them. So it will be better if you use an antibacterial disinfectant to spray them to attack any possible presence of bacteria on the package. Leave the package for some time and then take out the inside and throw away the outer cover.

                          Get Yourself for Good Quality Antibacterial Spray.

                          Given the importance of antibacterial disinfectant spray at home, you must purchase a good quality spray today. They will help protect you during the tough situations of covid-19 as well as on normal days. But as most disinfectant space comes with certain chemicals in them, it is essential to get yourself for the natural spray to keep everyone at home away from harmful chemicals. If you need a natural disinfectant spray, then Opal Eco is for you. We are known to offer the best quality biodegradable disinfectant spray that fits every requirement and budget. Our powerful antibacterial sprays can efficiently kill 99.9% of bacteria, micro bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast and others. So if you want to keep yourself and your family safe, you can rely on our organic products to receive the best.
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