Manifesto / Beliefs / Values

Opal Eco

Manifesto / Beliefs / Values

A safer home, a safer world.all-purpose antibacterial disinfectant

Our standard our high. They are paramount. They are the backbone to everything we say and everything we believe. 

We are 100% committed that all our products will be Not tested on animal, they are vegan friendly and allergy free. Endorsement from these major accrediting bodies is pending. 

Accreditation & Partners
Green Ingredients

We love ingredients which are clean, natural, plant-based and biodegradable. ​Our formulations and products are rigorously tested. Not only conforming to the UK standards, but also the EU’s. 

Our leading All-Purpose Disinfectant has been approved by the lead European chemical agency (ECHA) on the Biocidal Product Register (BPR) and has been awarded Simplified Authorisation. This is a massive achievement, one we are hugely proud of. It has also been tested against 17 different EN regulations! Approved for use across 3 major sectors 

PT2 - Healthcare
PT3 - Veterinary
PT4 - Food Industry 

Plant & Mineral Extracts