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Why work with Opal Eco?

Unique Products
  • One of, if not the most tested disinfectants on the market
  • Registered and approved by the European Chemical Agency (ECHA)
  • Accredited with Simplified Authorisation on the Biocidal Product Register (BPR)
  • Made with Plant and Mineral extracts
  • Green credentials – made with environmental consciousness
  • Vegan and cruelty free
  • 17 EN Test Approvals (EN1276, EN1650, EN13624 etc)
  • Dermatologically tesed, deemed "Excellent"
  • Using ethical and Natural essential oils
  • In development of high renewable carbon index cleaning products
We are growing fast
  • From Home to Commercial demand
  • Fast moving consumer good (fmcg) – We are all using cleaning products more than ever
  • The people are waking up ethical solutions, OPAL ECO is at the forefront of changing world.
We look after one another
  • Personalised account platform
  • Easy tracking and rewards
  • Free gifts
  • Be first to know of new products
  • Provide you with new images and banners
  • Continued support

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There are lots of great reasons to switch to Opal Eco and our brand has incredibly broad appeal. We are really interested in teaming up with all sorts of different business, brands and publishers and are already working with many leading brands in different ways. We can provide content, prizes, some additional discounts (remember all who sign up to Opal Eco get a free trial pack). If you think your brand would make a good fit with Opal Eco, then drop us a line and we can discuss. Please note, we will not partner with inappropriate businesses (e.g. adult or gambling sites).
We deliver across the UK and USA.
Click on the link and we’ll ask you a few simple details about your business and what you are looking for in a partnership. One of our team will then get back to you as soon as we can.
Each of our partnership deals is unique and we have a dedicated, in-house team to build and manage our different activities. Often we are working on a “quid quo pro” basis. We send out thousands of packs each week and have a fast growing social media reach. Our website has great traffic and we send more than 100,000 emails per month to our customers. We can utilise this reach to recommend select brands to our customers, and those partners do the same for us. With other partners we create and write exclusive content for their audience, whilst others work with us as affiliates - we pay them for each new customer that they generate for Opal Eco. The terms and conditions vary by partner and are agreed on an individual basis.
Our commission structure is only relevant for affiliate partners and is detailed in our terms and conditions.
For those partners on a commission based agreement, payments are monthly, the month following each new customer sign up. (Payments are not made for those customers who sign up and then cancel their subscription within a set period - this is all covered in the terms & conditions).
We do use software to generate tracking links for each activity, store and share content and create promotional codes where needed. For more information, contact our team here.