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At OPAL ECO, we dream of a brighter future. We create a biodegradable range of eco-friendly cleaning products, including our popular all-purpose antibacterial disinfectant. Engineered for high performance, our products empower Earth-conscious families to keep their homes clean with safer ingredients (without compromising the germ-fighting action of traditional cleaning products).

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the time has come

We are a passionate gang of dreamers and believers. We are wholly committed to creating and developing products which are kinder to you, your home and the environment. Gone are the days we rely on heavy industrial chemicals to do our cleaning.

We've evolved, technology has evolved and we have the expertise. The expertise to revolutionise the industry and our journey has only just begun 

Why Opal Eco?

Powerful Antimicrobial
Powerful Antimicrobial

Proven to Kill 99.9% of all bacteria, Viruses, Yeasts, Mycobacteria, Fungi and Spores. 

Plant & Mineral Extracts
Plant & Mineral Extracts

Plants have evolved their own defence against natural pathogens - using the same organic acids that we have chosen.


EU Approval for; Healthcare (PT2)Veterinary & Farming, (PT3)Food & Retail industry (PT4)


ECHA - Simplified Authorisation, 17 EN Approvals, Dermatologically test as ‘Excellent", ISEGA certified and DAkkS certified

How it all started!

Our story is new and fairly recent. We were born from the unfortunate circumstances of covid-19. Discovering that the majority of the household cleaning products we were using on a daily basis were littered with toxic and hazardous chemicals…Our daily cleaning routines may actually have been doing more harm than good. We only have to look at the back of any cleaning product under the sink and we will find warning and explanation marks,”Keep locked up”, “Avoid contact with skin”, “Seek medical attention if exposed”,  and the list goes on… Surely, this day in age, we can produce safer, more environmentally friendly, Non-toxic Products… right ?

Our Story

Join us to bring Eco-Friendly Change!

Join our revolution. Join the company that cares. See how you can help !

What Our Clients Say!

Cleaning and disinfecting our offices and warehouses has always been a high priority of ours, however now given the current climate we are doing this more than ever. The increased use made us evaluate the type of products we were using and the effect they have on us, our customers and the environment.

Mark Harrison from Harrison Memorials ltd

The usual brands failed to convince us they had our best interests at heart (judging by the industrial chemicals ingredients). We made the switch to Opal eco a few months back and we couldn't be happier with the results. Highly effective, eco friendly and all the test to back it up.


Alyssa W.

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"Probably the most broad spectrum disinfectant to achieve simplified authorisation in the world"

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Our product was devised using the highest quality, cosmetic grade, biodegradable ingredients, with plant and mineral extracts

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